Broken Nightmare

You may have heard a tale about the hero being the villain, and knights in shining armor being little more than tools and farces for the wealthy to make a show of control. If you were under the impression that such a tale was the worst of all, then you are mistaken. The tales of war never end and this is no exception. There is always more. Another side, another perspective. Those repressed and quiet; those who suffered more than any. Freedom is a farce afforded only to the fortunate, after all.The hero is the enemy, yet the other side is hardly innocent. No, they are both the enemy. To each other, as well as to everyone else who must suffer in their rampage to over power.Power. That which muddles the mind and blinds even the wisest. Fear. That which drives us, often to do the unthinkable and horrid. Pain, suffering. That which reminds us ever more of what has happened - why we are here, and of where here is. Numbness. A sensation most of us seek eventually, if even for a moment at a time, to be free of it all for just a little while.Listen close while I finish the tale I began some time ago, and I will remind you of the horrors of our world. It is said that history is written by the victor, however it is truly written by those who are loudest. Beware, this is no bedtime story.

The first sign...

is tiny cracks on porcelain skin...

name;allex vallenleighage;twenty six
nameday;unknownalignment;chaotic neutral

He appears soft and more suited to paperwork than much else, with a quiet and knowing air to him that often makes others wary. They have every right to be wary. Quiet merely means he's taking stock and storing what he learns, calculating how to act and handle those around him. While he may at first seem oblivious, one may almost always assume what they see is an act. Few, very few, see the truth.He can be incredibly blunt; whether this is due to lacking the social skills to be aware of how it will effect others or simply done on purpose is unknown.For those gifted (or cursed, perhaps) with the ability to see or sense aether - he is a disaster. In the most literal of senses. An assault on the senses, bright and ever deep - a virtual well of aether. As uncontrolled as the elements left to themselves, chaotic and free - and willing to leap forth at the first hint of provocation.

build;toned/leanweight;165 lbs
eyes;icy blueshair;pink, long

How long until...

you start to break and fall apart...

• He won't often indulge in substances - drugs, nor alcohol - however when wanting a distraction, a chance to not thing, he will turn to them. Rare, but it can happen.• How he acts in crowds is very different from how he acts alone. He's polite around the masses. Inquisitive, yet mindful. Alone? The game is control, after all.• His favorite flavors are coffee and cinnamon - sometimes both. Sweets aren't generally his favorite, though he'll accept them if gifted to him by someone.• He can almost always be found with some sort of book on his person, if not multiple. Studying is what is done in his 'free time' - or rather, everything else is done then, while study is his norm.• He'll say he's a healer by trade, however there's plenty beneath the surface that suggests there's far more than he's letting on. Whether he'll tell you? You can try.• He dislikes talking on his past. Efforts will be made to give the bare minimum, or guide the conversation in a different direction entirely.• He seems to shut down with the mention of relationships and romance. He's not a fan of physicality, save very specific circumstances. You'll know when.• Trust is hard to earn, and easy to break. He keeps few close. They know who they are. Publicly stating such, or his relationship with people, is not something he's particularly good with and as such he tends to keep things quiet - if a relation with anyone forms at all.

Did you think...

that you would not eventually shatter?

So what of the hero and the villain? What of the knight in shining armor, or the monsters that swoop out of the sky to kill? Was this not a tale of how these came to head? The answer is simple; this is monster, villain, hero, and knight. Right and wrong do not exist - morality dictates the division. Who is wrong when both sides kill? Who is the monster when one wields a sword where another bares fangs?War against 'monsters' can turn one into a monster, and the more they think on the travesties that have passed the less 'human' they feel. Death weighs heavy on the heart and blood stains the hands forever red. How can you face people who deem you 'hero' when you turn to your reflection and see monster?Maybe it would be better if you simply embraced the image that stares back at you; show the masses hailing your return the monster they put on a pedestal just as they damned the creatures they had sent you to destroy. Power; everyone desires it.. yet none can answer what it truly is. Strength? Position? Popularity? Wealth?Or is knowledge true power? What would you do with one who remembers everything? Every sight seen, word heard, task seen and practiced. Would such a person not be more of a threat than any knight? More than the creatures you deem beast as they slash and hack with claw and fang?Think what you will of one who stays quiet and polite. Often times they are the one you need to watch for. Civilized with a well practiced mask - what lay beneath may be a monster just waiting to escape. How would you ever guess? The act is perfect, practiced, precise.The eyes are the window to the soul, they say, and the eyes of a beast stare at you.

It's a dream;

It's a nightmare, and you can't wake up.

Hi there, feel free to call me Blu. Just some out of character house keeping!• I am over the age of 21 and expect my partners to be over the age of 18. I will not interact with underage writers or characters.• I'll write most themes. Dark, mature, erotic, story, fluff, etc. No character death; ask before permanent harm/change takes place.• Communication is key. I don't know something is wrong if you don't tell me, and I can't work to fix things without knowing that there's a problem. I'm not particularly good with social cues, so open honesty is extremely helpful for me.• The tab labeled 'Bliss' below has all 18+ information.• While I am friendly out of character, please do not push for anything more than friendship. If I feel you trying to push for anything, I will cut off contact.• Please be respectful. Both to the writer as well as our characters; we both put effort into making and writing them after all.• This should go without saying, but I am not my character. He can be antagonistic, intolerable, cold, and even intimidating (so I've been told). I'm pretty friendly and chill, and honestly more goofy than anything. I'm probably more scared of you than you of me.• I do screenshot, and housing, commissions. Just ask about information. I'll write stuff up about it sooner or later.

Blissful reprieve...

until you open your eyes once more.


Quiet and calm applies even in the bedroom; he desires control. Be it over the situation or his partner in some capacity. He wishes to know the little things that earn reactions, and push at them. A slight smugness, an oddly calm confidence. Not harsh - never angry - but still commanding.Most interactions are just flings; he rarely repeats, unless it is for work or earns something he desires. Catching his interest to meet again is a rarity. Those with self-respect, some confidence, with class, that interest him - they are the ones most likely to find him again.As with every rule there are exceptions; few and far between, but existent. The best course is not to assume that you are one. You will know if you are. Clearly.

sensory playknife/weapon playimpactvoyeurismexhibitionism
no;waste/filthunderagenon-consensualextreme humiliation
slave playfeminization (R)tentacles(*)netorareanal (*)

(R) - receiving | Tentacles - the word. Alts fine. | Anal - (receiving) maybe, ask first. | Communication and consent is a must! If unsure, please ask OOC.